Matt Kramer the poet has been publishing his penned words for two decades as a lyricist and song writer. His first literary release is a poetry book titled “An American Profit” (Lascivious Books) slated for release October 31, 2007.

A Miami native, Kramer made his name as the lead singer of a high profile rock band signed to a major label. He toured the world and had hit records in the early 1990s, always writing words, lyrics, poems, and stories. His world travels, love of literature and musical genres that include jazz, blues, and opera opened new avenues to his writing.
“I write a lot of poetry these days, I think my take on poetry is a bit different from the norm,” Kramer says. “Starting my lyrical journey as a song lyricist I always pushed the envelope on the idea content, and with my poetry I make no exceptions. But I also choose more topics that a big bad rock star can’t write about, like the poetry I write when I’m at my cottage in Nebraska. My wife and I bought this cool little place in her home town of 300 people and coming from Miami it’s quite a different place. Last time I was there for 11 days and I wrote 33 poems in that time. They are more of a small town country feel that I could never express in my writing till now.”

Kramer’s poems dwell on the psychedelic swirl that is modern life: the current state of Florida’s Native Americans, his fellow rockers, the twisted dichotomy of religion, On The Road scribe Jack Kerouac, the business of show, the Three Stooges, and modern/false idols.

“Sometimes my writing is showing more of me than ever, the funny side, the quite sarcastic, sometimes very scary, as well as abstract,” Kramer says. “It’s a great way to mature my love for lyric.”


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