Matt Kramer is known best for being a rock n roll frontman who was ahead of his time in a period where there was more cheese and hairspray than art and style in Rock n Roll.

That style and talent has carried Matt to this current crest in his career, where he has brought forth his first release since leaving the alternative rockers Saigon Kick. War and Peas, Matt’s self-produced solo debut is a work any artist would be proud of, having engineered and recorded the tracks himself in a studio he built in Miami.

“I literally slept in the studio with this record every night,” explains Kramer as he recounts the making of War and Peas, “even in New York! I slept next to it there too!” he says, referring to the time spent mixing the record at Skyline Studios, a New York City studio co-owned by Ron Allair, War & Peas mix engineer, and Jonathan Mover, the world renowned drummer (Satriani, Oleander, Fuel) who played on the record.

Matt’s performance style has always come with an edge to it. “I’m somewhere between a rock star and Evil Knievel” he says grinning as he recaps a two story stage dive at the legendary Limelight in NYC.

Musically, War and Peas speaks to Matt’s early influences like Mott The Hoople, Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust era and a touch of Sisters of Mercy thrown in for vibe. Lyrically, the content touches on everything from the obvious state of the world on “Goodbye To All Tomorrows” and “If God Could Hear Me Now”, to the serious, raunchy, sex-rock stomper “Soul Star”.

This record marks a return to music for the sake of making music for Matt Kramer, for the sheer integrity of it. Along with the killer guitar parts and amazing bass lines, lies a beautiful viola on “Spinning Round”. Having had a dose of celebrity with Saigon Kick in the early 90s, Kramer knows what it’s like to have a Gold Record on his wall, a no. 1 video on MTV, and a single that hit number 6 on the Billboard pop charts. Having that under his belt in the early stages of his career has allowed Matt the room to go to his roots for this record, and to carry that hard-earned school of rock knowledge with him in the way the CD will be distributed. War and Peas, is released on Matt’s own label, Lascivious Records, and distributed via exclusively.

“I’ve done this business the fast and furious way before,” Matt points out. “I know what happens when things go really fast. I don’t want to have that happen with this record. I want to feel every step.”


Lascivious Records

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